Laser Trimming Machine for Precise Trimming

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Update time : 2020-03-21 23:44:25

What is Laser Trimming Machineļ¼Ÿ

Laser trimming machine is the key equipment for precise adjustment of the thin film or thick film resistors by the laser process. In the production of mobile equipment such as mobile terminals, digital cameras, portable machines, etc. Great development potential. At present, there are only a few domestic companies that independently develop precision laser trimmers. Beijing SharpSpeed Precision Co., Ltd. is one of them. With many years of extensive expertise and experience in automatic control and laser industrial processing, Sharpspeed is moving towards the world's top laser trimming experts.

According to a recent survey report by IHS, the global industrial automation equipment market is estimated to be approximately USD 222.2 billion in 2017, and is expected to grow by 3.8% in 2018 to reach USD 209.8 billion, and continue to grow by 4% in 2019 to reach USD 228.2 billion Market size. Driven by increasing machinery production and capital expenditures, the market sales of the main types of FS laser trimming equipment have increased significantly, for example, the thin-film resistors and high-precision resistors. With continuous investment in technology research and development, high recognition from customers, and steady growth in overseas markets, we have achieved good market performance," said Mr. Qu Jiangtao, deputy general manager of the company said.

Displacement Sensor/Potentiometer Laser Trimming

Not long ago, the TS4210D laser trimmer developed by Beijing SharpSpeed Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was delivered to customers for acceptance. Mr. Qu Jiangtao introduced that the device is a precision developed for the market of resistive linear displacement sensors and angular displacement sensors and potentiometers. The linear resistance laser trimmer can not only adjust the linearity of the resistor, but also the absolute resistance of the resistor.
In the displacement sensor industry, the traditional linearity trimming method often uses a grinding head trimming method. However, the development and introduction of SharpSpeed's laser trimming machine have realized the upgrade of this technology. Compared with the traditional production process, laser trimming is characterized by high processing accuracy and fast efficiency. The more important advantage is that the small energy of the laser beam spot and high energy determines that the laser trimming can process smaller angular displacement sensors and the smallest processable potentiometer. The diameter can reach 7mm. At the same time, in terms of linearity accuracy, a higher resolution processing technology can be achieved, which greatly improves the overall accuracy of the displacement sensor, and meets the current market demand for sensor miniaturization and high accuracy.

In the current environment of rising labor costs, the advantage of high efficiency has also saved a lot of labor costs for the majority of production enterprises. Besides, in the past year, SharpSpeed has continued to optimize and update its technology on the TS4210 series laser trimming machine. According to the new needs arising from the technical upgrade of the end market, the TS4410 series potentiometer/sensor laser trimmer has added many unique features. The functions of detection and trimming, such as the linear trimming of arbitrary function curves, and trimming and measuring of symmetry, meet the technical development and market requirements of the displacement sensor industry.

The market demand has given rise to customer requirements, and different product lines have marked different customized needs. In this regard, Mr. Qu Jiangtao pointed out, "Our company adheres to the needs of customers as the starting point, with advanced technology and excellent hardware quality as the guarantee, strictly controls the production and assembly process of equipment, develops the spirit of ingenuity, and makes each device into a fine product. To pursue, provide customers with stable and reliable professional laser trimming equipment. " 
Based on localization advantages, find breakthroughs in segmented areas

At present, it takes some time for the displacement sensor industry to complete the complete upgrade from grinding head engraving to laser engraving. First, the transition from military products to civilian products. Besides, the pressure sensor industry and the current sensor industry will also be our focus areas. On the one hand, we will compete directly with imported equipment in mature markets and will be based on local achieve the advantages of “Made in China 2025” manufacturing strategy implemented by the state, and to be a practitioner of Made in China; on the other hand, continue to pay attention to the technological upgrading needs of related industries and combine its advantages to continuously improve the breakthrough of laser trimming process technology To closely cooperate with the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain to achieve greater market breakthroughs. "Mr. Qu Jiangtao revealed that in the future, semiconductor precision processing will also be the company's focus area.

Adhering to the ingenuity, SharpSpeed will continue to deepen the field of laser resistance and find breakthroughs in more subdivision applications. In overseas markets, it will use existing customers as the starting point to give the market full promotion support.