Laser Trimming Machine

Resistor Trimmer - TS4410 Series

Item No.: TS4410
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This machine is developed and manufactured by SharpSpeed Precision, a subordinate company of JCZ Technology. SharpSpeed is with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing high precision laser equipment.

Potentiometer and Displacement Sensor Laser Trimming Machines

TS4410 Series Laser Trimmer is developed for potentiometer and displacement sensor, which is not only used for trimming the linearity but the absolute resistance value as well. TS4410 Series Laser Trimmer is widely used in various high-precision types of the potentiometer (Imported plastic and ceramics), displacement sensor and other products.

Features of Laser Trimming Machine

1. Self-developed software-Laser Linear, Equipped with Sharpspeed’s exclusive patented technology, with Powerful functions and easy operation. Random angle trimming of fixed point, a manual adjustment to achieving more flexible trimming methods and special processing requirements.
2. Equipment with Powerful functions: With Sharpspeed’s self-developed high-precision measuring system, software and powerful extending functions to meet special requirements like below.
    a.Symmetric Trimming: Select random an angle as a central starting point to trim symmetrically, with minimal measuring precision.
    b.Random target curved-line trimming: Curved-line trimming works with any random angle under the working area with random functions.
3. Self-developed coaxial video system, equipped with a high-resolution industrial camera for the realization of auto-calibration, higher placing accuracy, and higher processing efficiency.


How to do laser trimming on thick and thin-film resistors

The laser resistor trimmer is a precise laser trimming device. It changes the conductive cross-sectional area of ​​the resistor body by short-pulse laser scanning cutting to achieve the trimming of the resistor body below the target resistance value to within the tolerance range of resistance value Suitable for rapid mass production of chip resistors. The industrialization of precision laser trimmers can speed up China's comprehensive mastery of lithography machine technology. The simple resistance trimming solution, the standard laser resistance trimmer solution and the online function laser resistance trimmer solution can meet the needs of different industries and different processes.

Simple  laser trimming machine solution:

Laser resistor adjustment function: through manual control of the needle, automatic and precise adjustment of the resistance.

1. Laser trimmer laser and control system: YAG50 laser

2. The optical positioning system of laser trimmer: XY automatic control

3.Resistance measurement and control system of the laser resistor

4.Manual needle control for laser trimmer

Standard Laser Trimming Machine Solution:

Realization function: Through automatic control of needle control, automatic and precise adjustment of batch resistance.

1. Laser and control system: YAG50 laser

2. Optical positioning system: five-dimensional working mode

3.Resistance measurement and control system

4, automatic needle control: automatic up and down

5. Monitoring system: dual CCD monitoring

Customized Laser Trimming Machine Solution:

Realization function: precise adjustment through the electric group in the circuit to complete the circuit function

1. Laser and control system: YAG50 laser

2. Optical positioning system: XY automatic control

3.Resistance measurement and control system

4. Automatic needle control: manual

5. Functional signal interface: the principle of laser trimming resistance (laser trimming resistance) according to the circuit function requirements

In order to improve the accuracy of the thick film circuit, the resistance must be adjusted. Due to the inherent inaccuracies of the thick film screen printing operation, the unevenness of the substrate surface and the non-repetition of the sintering conditions, positive and negative errors often occur in the thick film resistor. After the bottom printing is fired, the resistance value is about 30% lower than the target value, so the target value must be reached by laser adjustment.