EZCAD3 Software Library

Item No.: EZCAD3 SDK

EZCAD3 Software Development Kit

EZCAD3 Software Development Kit can be used to develop customized software for special applications. JCZ-SLA is an example of customized software for 3D SLA laser printing.

1. Overview
Ezcad3Kernel.dll is the dynamic link library provided by Beijing JCZ Technology CO. LTD for 
developing software based on EZCAD3 and DLC board.
Ezcad3Dll2.h is header file of the exports function in Ezcad3Kernel.dll.
Notice: the program that calls Ezcad3Kernel.dll must be located at the same folder with 
Ezcad3.exe. Or Ezcad3Kernel.dll cannot work; When the Ezcad3.exe is running, Ezcad3Kernel.dll 
cannot run, so Ezcad3.exe must be closed when use Ezcad3Kernel.dll.
Return value of most functions in Ezcad3Kernel.dll is a common error code of integer type. Its 
DEFINITIONs are as follow: 
ERRID_FAIL 1//Failed
ERRID_ERRORPARAM 2//Error parameter
ERRID_OPENFILE 3//Open file failed
ERRID_EZCADRUN 5//ezcad has already run
2. The functions for entity manager.
INTENTION: initialize the library.
DEFINITION: int E3_Initial(TCHAR* strWorkPath, int nFlag);
 strWorkPath: The folder full path of Ezcad3.exe
 nFlag: it must be 0.
DESCRIPTION: For the program it must use E3_Initial function before using other function.
RETURN VALUE: common error

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