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EZCAD2 Laser Marking Software

EZCAD2 is a well-know and most popular laser and galvo control software. It works with LMC series laser controller for laser processing like marking, engraving, etching... After 15 years of verification by the market, It is now adopted by more than 4000 laser equipment integrators, more than 100,000 laser machines are with EZCAD2 annually.

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Introduction of EZCAD2 Laser Marking Software

EzCad2.14.11 laser marking software has been upgraded from the original software, the software fully supports Unicode,
So it supports the languages of all countries. EzCad2.14.11 laser marking software can run on Windows XP, VISTA, Win7 and Win10 operating systems. All instructions after this manual default to the Windows 7 operating system. For the installation, users only need to copy the EzCad2.14.11 laser marking software folder to your PC. Double-click the EzCad2.exe file in the directory to run the EzCad2.14.11 laser marking program. If the dongle is not read correctly, the user will be prompted "the system cannot find the dongle and will enter the demo mode" when the software is started. In the demo mode, the user can only evaluate the software and cannot process and store files.

EZCAD2 Laser Marking Software Functions and Technical Features

(1) Freely design the graphic pattern to be processed.
(2) Including TrueType font, JCZ single line font (JSF), SHX font, dot matrix font (DMF), 1D barcode and 2D barcode.
(3) Flexible variable text processing, real-time text changes during processing, can directly read and write text files, SQL databases, and Excel files.
(4) Text data can be read directly through the serial port.
(5) Text data can be read directly through the network port.
(6) It also has the function of automatic text segmentation, which can adapt to complex processing conditions.
(7) Powerful node editing and graphic editing functions, which can perform curve welding, cutting and intersection operations.
(8) Supports up to 256 pens (layers), and can set different processing parameters for different objects and pen numbers.
(9) Compatible with common image formats (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif, etc.).
(10) Compatible with commonly used vector graphics (ai, dxf, dst, plt, etc.).
(11) Commonly used image processing functions (grayscale conversion, black and white image conversion, halftone dot processing, etc.) can process 256-level grayscale images.
(12) Powerful filling function, support ring filling, one-way filling, and two-way filling and other filling methods.
(13) Powerful IO control function, a variety of control objects, and added port control function, which can make your machine easy to realize automation, and users can freely control the system to interact with external devices.
(14) G3 version fiber laser directly supporting SPI and the latest IPG_YLP and IPG_YLPM fiber lasers, which can be adjusted by software according to different laser parameters such as current, pulse frequency, and duty cycle.
(15) Support dynamic focus (3-axis machining system).
(16) Open multi-language support functions can easily support the languages of countries around the world.
(17) Password control can prevent parameters from being modified at will.
(18) Two correction methods, built-in traditional trapezoidal correction, barrel (pillow) correction, and parallelogram correction. Special calibration software has been developed to obtain extremely accurate calibration results.