EZCAD3 Software

Item No.: EZCAD3.0
EZCAD3 laser processing software works with DLC2 series laser controller, which is able to do both 2D and 3D laser processing with most of laser source and galvo in the market.
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·High Stability
EZCAD3 inherited all features and functions of EZCAD2 and all JCZ software engineers focus on EZCAD3 from 2016 on. Now it is equipped with the most advanced laser software technology.

·High Popularity
EZCAD3 has been verified and equipped by all JCZ's main customers, EZCAD3 will replace EZCAD2 step by step.

·High Compatibility
EZCAD3 is capable to control most of digital and ana-logical 2D and 3D galvo with16bits,18bits,20bits resolution and XY2-100 and SL2-100 protocol. And most of the laser source in the market can be controller by EZCAD3.

·64 bit software
With 64 bits software core, EZCAD3 is able to process large size file within a shorter time.

·2.5D processing
With STL slicing function, Deep engraving like the coin and mold can be made with 2D galvo.

·3D processing
With DLC2-M4-3D controller, EZCAD3 is able to control 3D dynamic focussing galvo precisely.

·4 axis Control
4 axis(X Y Z A) can be controller by EZCAD3 at the same time.

·Offline Processing
A maximum 8 marking file can be stored inside the storage chip of DLC2 controller, and PC can be removed.

·TCP IP Control
Commands can be sent from another PC remotely through TCP IP protocol. 

·Secondary Software Development
EZCAD3 SDK is available, which can be used to customize a unique laser software.

·Cloud Service
The status of the equipment can be monitored online, processing data of the equipment can be recorded to the cloud, and command can be sent from the web or app. 
Technical Support:An exclusive engineer offers 24*7 technical support.

Warranty:12 Month  (Small repair fee after the warranty expires)