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EZCAD3 Laser Software

EZCAD3 is the most powerful laser and galvo control software for 2D and 3D laser processing like laser marking, engraving, etching, and welding. It inherited all the functions and features of EZCAD2 and equipped with the most advanced laser functions and software technology. By working with DLC2 series laser controller,It is able to control most of the 2D and 3D laser galvo( 18bits to 20 bits, XY2-100 and SL2-100) and laser source(Fiber, CO2, UV, Green, Yag, picosecond and femtosecond).

1. What additional functions and features does EZCAD3 have comparing with EZCAD2?
    ♦ 64bits Kernel
       Software no crash with the large size file.
    ♦ 2.5D Processing
       Engrave an STL file layer by layer with 2D galvo and motorized lift,
    ♦ 3D Processing (Optional)
       Control 3 axis laser galvo for large field or 3D surface processing.
    ♦ TCP IP Control
       Commands can be sent from another terminal via TCP IP.
    ♦ Offline Processing
       File can be stored to the chip of controller, PC can be removed.
    ♦ 4 Axis Control
       4 axis(pul&dir Signal) can be controlled at the same time.
    ♦ Gradual Laser Power Up/Down Control
    ♦ Gradual Laser Speed Up/Down Control
    ♦ Industrial 4.0 Laser Cloud
   Monitoring and control your equipment online.
    ♦ Software Development Kit (Optional)
    ♦ Software UI Source Code (Optional)


2. How to upgrade to EZCAD3?
    ♦ If you are using EZCAD2, you can send the model of the controller to our sales team to see which controller will be needed additionally
    ♦ If you are using other laser software, please send us the manual of laser and galvo to see which controller will be needed additionally.

EZCAD3 Laser Marking Software Introduction

If Licenses are not activated, the software will not open.
EzCad3 software installation is very simple, users only need to test the EzCad3.0 directory on the installation CD directly to the hard disk. Then double-click the EzCad3.exe file in the EzCad3.0 directory after installation.
EzCad3 software requires the hardware to be a computer dual-core CPU, more than 2G of memory, more than 10G of hard disk, and two or more native USB interfaces. Software requirements are Windows operating system WIN7 64-bit, WIN8 64-bit, WIN10 64-bit. All instructions following this manual default to the Windows operating system.

EZCAD3 Laser Marking Software Features

This software has the following main functions:
Freely design the graphics to be processed
Supports TrueType fonts, Single Line Fonts (JSF), Dot Matrix Fonts (DMF), 1D barcodes and 2D barcodes such as DataMatrix
Flexible variable text processing, changing the text in real-time during processing, can directly read and write text files and Excel files.
Powerful node editing and graphic editing functions, which can perform curve welding, cutting and intersection operations
Support up to 256 pens, you can set different processing parameters for different objects
Support various  formats of bitmap images (bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif, etc.)
Support various  formats of vector files (ai, dxf, dst, plt, etc.)
Ability to import 3D models in stl, dxf format
Common image processing functions (grayscale conversion, black and white image conversion, halftone processing, etc.), can process 256-level grayscale images
Powerful fill function, support multiple filling types
Multiple control objects, users can freely control the system to interact with external devices
Project projection marking of 3D model files
Hierarchical marking for 3D models
1.1.3 Interface Description
Start interface:
When the program starts to run, the startup interface is displayed (Figure 1-1), and the program is initialized in the background.